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Would you like to Stop Smoking In under 30 minutes!

* No Cravings ! * No Weight Gain ! * No Stress ! *

Fast Track Hypnosis and Laser Therapy will help you do just that!

The fact that you are reading this web site page means that you have decided its time to stop smoking, and looking for the best method and Hypnosis Centre in Belfast – This is it!

It’s said that humans are creatures of habit. Even if we know that a habit is bad for us, such as smoking, and against all advice we are given, we persist in doing it anyway.

Many millions of people throughout the world have successfully quit smoking using standard Hypnosis. Results of 48 studies of hypnosis covering 6000 smokers, were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and which clearly showed that hypnosis was three times more effective than nicotine replacement therapy .

We have  heard and read about the amazing success rates Hypnosis has with helping people to Stop Smoking, but did you know that Alan Gilchrist combines 2 very Successful Techniques into ONE simple session called FAST TRACK HYPNOSIS and LASER THERAPY and proved it twice on TV !

Stop Smoking BelfastWhy Alan Gilchrist Fast Track Stop Smoking Hypnosis?

* As Belfast’s Top Stop Smoking Specialist , Alan Gilchrist has been in practice at the Belfast Hypnotherapy Centre for over 25 years and is the longest practicing and most experienced Hypnotherapist in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland*

* Featured and Proven on UTV and BBC.* Over 55,000 clients, including TV & Radio personalities , World Champions, and members of the medical profession *


Alan’s unique Fast Track Hypnosis session targets the unconscious part of the mind that creates and drives unwanted behaviors and urges. This helps you to overcome everything that gets in the way to accomplishing your goal of quitting smoking, and without stress or weight gain.

Imagine how you will feel when you have finally stopped smoking

You will hear all the compliments from people around you now that you have quit smoking. You will look healthy and much happier – your breath doesn’t smell – your wallet or purse has much more cash in it.

You might have tried stopping by yourself for weeks or even months,then something stressful arose and you started to smoke again.

So YOUR question is…ARE YOU READY TO FINALLY STOP SMOKING?Stop smoking hypnosis belfast prices

If YOUR answer is YES then what are you waiting for?

Put down that cigarette and call Alan Gilchrist NOW!

Testimonials for Stop Smoking in Belfast Hypnosis

Hi Alan
Words can’t describe it! No bother giving up, in fact cigarette smoking now repulses me. I was on up to 20 cigarettes a day and because I was struggling with my weight I used the cigarettes as an excuse to keep my weight down. Consequently I got a lot heavier on them. I even got to the stage of taking one when I woke up at 7.00am. The CD is brilliant – overtime I listened to it I was asleep within 10 minutes. Your fast Track Stop Smoking session is great, I can’t praise it enough, I am dumbfounded, and it really does work. Emily

Hi Alan,
I came to see you on 5th January 2007 and I was on 20 per day, and if I went to the pub it was more than that. After visiting you I have never looked for another cigarette. Easiest thing that I have ever done in my life. Having been off them now for 2 years, my next goal is to lose weight (3 stone or more) and Alan’s the man that will help me do it.! Thanks Andy.

“Dear Mr Gilchrist,
This is a letter to say THANK YOU. It is almost 6 years later since my mother and I went to you to get off smoking. My mother was smoking 40 years and I a good few years also but a chain smoker. I felt that there was no way that I would ever stop. We had tried everything and you were our last hope and thank god that it worked. Never once have we wanted a cigarette or looked back. Just today we were listening to the news again and Cancer was highlighted. We both thought of you and what you have probably done is saved us from one of those horrible illnesses. Again thank you for the great work that you do, it lets people like us know THERE IS HOPE.”
Angela and Mary

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